Scan & Remove Fake Twitter Followers

by Clayton Lambert


I’ve received a ton of messages and comments on Twitter and YouTube regarding my old fake follower removal script. At this point that script is obsolete, I’ve created a new project called SocialManager which I am currently beta testing. I’m only beta testing the Twitter follower scans, but I have plans to extend the service to include more analytics and querying as well as expanding to more social networks including Instagram and potentially YouTube.

SocialManager is completely free to use, I hope you guys find this useful. This method is much more accurate in correctly detecting a fake followers because we’re no longer guessing based on the data available to the DOM but using the Twitter API instead. Instead of loading in all your followers like which you had to do with the old script, you can now generate a removal script on the fly and use it anywhere on the site as long as the account is signed in.

If you have any issues, or enjoy the service, be sure to tweet @SocialManagerIO.

**Update 2017**

After a year of running the service for free I have transferred ownership to my company TenK Solutions, and removal scripts can now be purchased for $2.

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  • omgMe says:

    make a remover of russian, chinese and other followers that are obviously not real

  • mona says:

    i tried to do this and it said it would remove 308 followers and then i checked my notifications and said it was completeed 🙂 but then when i checked twitter nothing changed and my follow count was the same 🙁 please fix, thank you !!

  • Nadja says:

    Why´s there always the message that it´s undefined? 🙁

  • Nathaniel says:

    Well, my check never works. Nothing ever happens, I am stuck on 0%. WITH TONS OF BOTS.

    • Darren says:

      Did you ever figure out how to remove? I am being attacked my thousands per hour … I’ve tried everything but can’t stop the madness …. pls help

  • Andrew says:

    You should make something that blocks all those “business inquiries” accounts that RT mindless stuff. All those “Common White Girl” accounts.

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