How To Fix OBS Cursor Flicker

by Clayton Lambert

I’ve recently been having some issues with my cursor flickering or even disappearing while I am trying to record my desktop. Today, while toying with some of the settings, I have finally found the culprit. I discovered that some settings in OBS just aren’t meant to be changed. Cursor flicker can be avoided by simply not checking the “Capture Layered Windows” check box in your monitor capture properties.

How To Fix The Cursor Flicker

[Step 1] Open up OBS and locate your monitor capture source.

obs cursor flicker sources

[Step 2] Open the monitor capture source properties and locate the dreaded “Capture Layered Windows” check box.

cursor flicker capture-window-settings

[Step 3] Simply un-check “Capture Layered Windows” and hit “Ok”. Your cursor should no longer flicker or disappear while recording! Enjoy!

cursor flicker unceck

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  • UndeadToast TF2 says:

    Thanks so much! This actually works and now I can record my screen without my mouse flicking on and off, this was really helpful.

  • Rup says:

    Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. That was already unchecked and the behavior didn’t change whether it was checked or unchecked.

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