Block & Remove Fake Twitter Egg Followers

by Clayton Lambert

I recently ran in to a problem with my Twitter; a friend of mine decided it would be a good idea to blow up my phone with Twitter alerts by botting 500+ twitter accounts to follow my Twitter. The accounts he used were obviously fake, none of them had any tweets, AVIs or profile pictures. Most of them were egg followers.

These default egg profile pictures are a common sign of either fake accounts or new twitter users. Even though they were boosting my overall follower count, it’s not a good look to have a lot of these accounts following you. Removing these fake Twitter egg followers by hand would take up to 2 – 3 hours, and I simply do not have the patience for that. So I began writing a script to do this all for me so I don’t have waste my time, and hopefully save others time who were in a similar situation as me.

Removing The Egg Followers

Disclaimer: The script is not perfect, there are false positives. It will target and block any and all followers who have an egg profile picture! Use at your own discretion.

Begin by navigating to your followers page in Google Chrome.
On your followers page, begin by revealing all of the egg followers you wish to block by scrolling down or holding down your “Page Down” key.

twitter egg followers example

Now that all of your egg followers are loaded into the page, Right Click -> Inspect Element and a new windows will spawn in. Find and select the “Console” tab.

twitter egg followers console

Copy the unfollow script from this link. Paste the script into your console.

paste unfollow script

At this point you need to be sure you want to get rid of these followers. There is no undo button. Once you remove the egg followers you can’t get them back. If you want them gone, press Enter in the console and a quick dialog will appear with some of my contact info and some information about the script. Click “Ok” and the script will begin removing the egg followers.
twitter egg follower script alert

Once the script has finished you will be alerted one last time with some information about how many followers were successfully removed. After a short wait, you should be able to reload your page and see your updated follower count without all the fake egg followers.

twitter egg follower script alert


Hope you guys find this script useful. If you have any questions about the script or have any problems with it be sure to leave a comment here or tweet @ClaytonnLambert and I’ll help you out.

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  • Omar says:

    This has saved me many hours and many bucks to be honest, but I was wondering if you could do it without revealing the followers, I went from 88.5K to 77.4K thanks to you but now I want to go down even further and any browser I use gets frozen because there’s just too many.
    Thanks again.

  • gerrard ashipala says:

    how can i remove twitter egg as my profile picture?

  • Ahmed says:

    Thanks a lot man. You really helped me to get rid of all these fake accounts.

  • Nicole says:

    Question-it’s only removing a few accounts but I’ve been inundated with spam followers. Any suggestions?

  • Dom says:

    Thanks man,saved me alot of time!

  • @johnwylie says:

    Script worked like a champ for me and my 30,000+ followers. Just be sure to ‘page down’ to huge chunks of your follows – as it only runs on ‘loaded’ followers.

  • CAM says:

    I seem to need to do this repeatedly to take out 1 or 20 or 30 at a time. The script seems to require the “egg” profiles to be visible on my screen before the script will remove the profiles. Even so, the script is a big help. I discovered that the twitter page I curate, @eyeoncambodia, which has cquired more than 40K followers had an awful lot of fake followers, and I had been trying to remove them one by one! Thank you!

  • urmum says:

    you guys need to scroll down a couple times, then paste the script, wait for confirmation and scroll down again. maybe refresh the whole tab too, but it will get rid of those bad looking eggs

  • TwitterLondon says:

    Worked great for me. I scrolled down a long way and then ran the script. It got rid of over 900 fake egg followers for me in one go. So grateful.

  • Pen says:

    There’s a problem. The script only removes as many eggs as are currently loaded on my screen. So if I have thousands of followers, I have to scroll through all of them and load them before inserting the script. Your newer script (for fake followers) doesn’t have this problem…

  • Ray says:

    Oh my gosh. Thankyou sooo much for this. I’ve been wanting to get rid of my fake followers for a long time(for free) but didn’t know how to do it. lol I was this close to spending money to get rid of them :))

  • dave says:

    thank you.

  • trudi says:

    Thank you sooo much, used the link and it showed i had 800+ eggs out of 3087 followers. Ran the script – but here’s the weird thing… it’s still going, now showing it’s made ‘1230’ requests, and yet my follower count is only down by 40 and kind of hovering there. At the same time i’m getting new follower alerts. Does this mean somehow new fake followers are being added in real time to replace the ones your script is deleting? Any idea how i can resolve this? Am getting a sense there is something suspicious going on with my account….

  • Charlie says:

    Hi Clayton. Just wondered if there was a script to make all my followers EXCEPT those I follow unfollow me without blocking them. So I guess it would ignore followers I follow and then block and then unblock all remaining followers?

  • Yesha says:

    Hello –would there be a script to get rid of accounts that don’t have tweets? The spam accounts are moving from egg real photos..but most still don’t have tweets attached to them.

  • Rae says:

    Thank you immensely

  • Luis Millan says:

    Your a genius thank you very much

  • Josh says:

    This is incredible! Thank you so much!

    I wanted to clarify the trigger that prompts the blocking of a follower. Is it if the user has a default egg profile image?

    I coordinate my company’s Twitter account and we currently have 46K followers. I believe that 5000+ of those are bot followers. We do however, have some REAL followers that also have eggs as their default image. Will they get blocked too if they are active on their account?

    Thanks in advance! And again, great work!

  • Fery says:

    Hello i want to ask is this script still work until now ? or do you have a new script because the script before i use it and my browser got frozen

  • Alexis says:

    How can I open the console thing on a Mac?

  • Jamal says:

    You are a genius! Thank you my friend for this brilliant script!

  • Yousef says:

    Great script that helped me to solve annoying problems. Thanks

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  • Courtney says:

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  • JB says:

    Very useful…went looking for this exactly some time ago.

  • MJ says:

    Thank you!

  • MM says:

    wow. thank you.

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